Do you do this for a living?

… the lady asked as she walked up to me after an auction today, where I was bidding on behalf of a client.

“Yes I do.” I replied, as I tugged a business card from my pocket and gave it to her. “Actually, I handle the entire process for clients who want to buy, but are either too busy, or too unfamiliar with property, and with the process. Sourcing a property to specification, that meets the client’s approval, negotiating the contract, and managing all the post-contract details through to settlement is what I do.”

“Well,” she said, “I knew you were a professional; you kept the auction pace moving, and I could see how you managed your bids as the auction came to an end.”

As it turned out, the bidding on this occasion went beyond the amount my clients were prepared to pay for the property. Before the auction, I’d already reminded them that there will be plenty of other good properties in the days and weeks ahead, so even if we don’t get this one, we’ll find another just as good.

“Reload and go again!” was my client’s response to being the under-bidder this time.

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