Land Ownership

Realtors® should recognize that the interests of the nation & its citizens require the best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership.

Reason 14 – Property portfolio reviews

People who own investment property often require a review of their portfolio at tax and insurance purposes. We offer a specific service to meet this need.

Reason 13 – Property value updates

On request, we provide a free appraisal of the property on the first anniversary of your purchase. That way, if you want, you can stay up to date with the value of your property.

Reason 12 – Accurate property data

Property data and counsel Every client we serve receives complimentary access to property data and counsel concerning any property of interest to them in South Australia for twelve months from [...]

Reason 11 – The RealTeam team

RealTeam’s Team: Over our ten years of operation, we’ve gathered around us an array of trusted, reliable, cost-effective professionals and service-providers including legal and tax [...]

Reason 10 – We never quit

We never Quit Unless one of three things happens: We find a suitable property and you buy it You tell us not to continue A force-majeure (unpredictable & uncontrollable) event occurs, making [...]

Reason 9 – Save time and avoid stress

Saving time and avoiding stress: When house-hunting, who hasn’t spend countless hours visiting open inspections only to find properties that just aren’t right? Who isn’t daunted [...]

Reason 8 – Build safeguards into the contract

Real Estate Business Online reported that actress Toni Collette lost a case in the NSW Supreme Court. For the story, go to: by Brendan Wong: The couple had signed a contract [...]

Reason 7 – Unlimited Property Scope

More Than Just Publicly Listed Property Once we have a detailed property specification, we scan and search every property that meets the criteria – including those that are not actively on [...]

Reason 6 – We Work Solely for You

We work exclusively for our buyer-client: Traditional agents work only for the property seller, and NOT for buyers. Their job is to sell the property for the highest possible price. We go to some [...]

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