Adelaide Rental Property – Challenges and Opportunities

If you're looking to buy investment property in Adelaide, the current market conditions of late 2021 present significant challenges, even to seasoned investors.

The Key to Getting the Property

...afterwards, the selling agent said "we had two identical offers, the owners felt more confident because there’s a buyer’s agent helping your buyer"

Buying an investment property in Adelaide

With a metropolitan median house price under $500k, and rental yields as high as 5%, buying an investment property in Adelaide would have to be on your radar.

Kodo Apartments

Overlooking Victoria Square, Adelaide and 30 story's high, the Kodo apartment complex with high quality finishes is aimed at owner-occupiers.

Adelaide One of World’s Most Liveable Cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit for 2014 reports that Adelaide is among the Top Five most liveable cities in the world. We who live here already knew that of course! But when a British-based [...]

Settling on Your Next Property

How to get the best price for your property – 4

If you’ve been following this short series, you’ll have read about how to price your property, and how to market it so that the maximum number of buyers: Find it online, and Are [...]