Frequently asked Buyer Agency questions

What do you mean – Single Agency?

Most agents work exclusively for people selling property, and are paid by the seller to get the highest price possible.  A few agents work exclusively for buyers (even though some of them are still paid by the sellers, which creates a conflict of interest).  Single Agency is an approach that focuses on the Client, regardless of whether they are buying, selling, leasing or renting property.

How does Single Agency work?

First, we conduct a detailed interview with you, to discover the precise profile of the property you are looking for.  When this is clear (and sufficiently detailed) we commence our search.  Our goal is to shortlist a handful of properties that best fit your requirements, for you to inspect them, and select the one you consider most suitable.

How long will it take to find me a property?

Time frames vary from a few days to several months, depending on a number of factors, including how specific your location requirements are, how detailed your property characteristics are, how much property is available of the type you want, how willing owners are to sell etc

How do you get paid?

To eliminate any conflict of interest from the price negotiation on a property, we charge a fixed fee, agreed to at the outset with our client. This includes an up-front administration fee with the balance payable on settlement of the purchased property.

How much does this service cost?

Our fees are similar to fees charged by ordinary real estate agents who sell property.  Most often (though not necessarily) we save far more than our fee, in negotiating the most favourable price and terms for our client. The majority of our clients pay between 1.5% and 2% of the actual contract price. See Sourcing Your Next Property for more detail on the service.

Why should we pay you, when we can find a property ourselves?

Our search for the right property extends far beyond those properties listed for sale; we also approach the owners of properties that are not actively for sale, if they meet our client’s specifications.

If a property is listed for sale with an agent, can’t I negotiate with them myself?

Yes of course.  But remember that the agent is working ONLY for the seller, is probably a skilled negotiator and is required to obtain the highest possible price for the property.  Once the agent knows you want the property, they will apply whatever pressure they can to get you to pay as much as possible for it.  If we negotiate on your behalf, we do so without emotion, while you remain anonymous until the contract is written, after the negotiations are complete.

Is it possible to buy properties that are not listed for sale by an agent?

Sometimes it is possible. In such a case we will deal directly with the property owner on your behalf.

Do you also sell property?

No. We avoid this situation, to prevent any possibility of conflict of interest.

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