About RealTeam Buyer Agency

About RealTeam Buyer Agency

RealTeam brings the philosophy of complete client focus to the real estate industry. Our success is determined by how well the property we find for you fits into your life and plans for the future.

After 41 years in the Real Estate ‘selling’ industry, both here in South Australia and in California, Michael Whitrow set out in 2003 to set up an agency which meets the needs of people buying property. At that time, the idea of a buyer agency was almost unheard of in Adelaide. However the need was evident and welcomed immediately. People really appreciate the service of having an expert on their side guiding them safely through one of the biggest purchases they will ever make in their life.

Head-quartered in Adelaide, RealTeam services clients located in South Australia, interstate and overseas.

The property sourced for clients is predominantly located within South Australia but also extends to investment properties located interstate as well as the USA.

Michael Whitrow – Principal Buyer

The RealTeam ‘team’ is headed up by Michael Whitrow who is the primary property searcher, and includes an array of industry specialists who are called in depending on the needs of the client and the type and location of property to be sourced and purchased.

Now in the twenty second year of business, RealTeam has finely tuned processes in place, sophisticated technology resources and of course a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Recognised by the Real Estate Institute of South Australia as an industry specialist, Michael is a member of the buyer agent committee, who make decisions about buyer agency best practices. He is regularly asked to speak at seminars and training sessions.

With the steady increase in the price of real estate and the ever-changing complexity of property law, RealTeam is positioned to service the increasing number of property buyers who realise the value of having an experienced industry professional on their side.

Key facts about RealTeam

Truly focused upon you and what you want.

Works on your behalf, and in your interest in acquiring a piece of property.

Seek out a home or investment property to precisely fit your specifications.

In finding property for you – we’re not limited to property already listed on the market: an agent able to approach every property that fits your requirements, whether or not it is “on the market”, until exactly the right property is found.

Help you design a property investment plan as part of your broader investment strategy and assist you in building a portfolio that enables you to enjoy the time and choices you have always looked forward to.

Call us for an obligation AND cost free chat about how Real Team Property Group can help you to make your dreams a reality.

RealTeam - Buyer Agent in Adelaide
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