The Key to Getting the Property

Expats Neil and Laura live & work in the UAE

They visited Adelaide earlier this year, specifically to buy a property.

After two frustrating months of missing out at auctions & private sales, they gave up and returned home.

  1. They then searched the web, & found RealTeam
  2. Neil phoned me to ask for help
  3. 22nd September I began the search
  4. 1st October I inspected a very suitable property & made some short videos for them
  5. They said it was better than anything they’d seen earlier in the year.
  6. We bought it the following Friday.

Getting a better property in 2 weeks vs. not getting one at all in 2 months came down to having a seasoned professional on their side.

Using a buyers agent is the key to securing property

After the contract was signed off, the agent called me to say:

I’m going to talk out of school for a moment because I thought you should know…
You didn’t pay too much.
We actually had two identical offers.

So I asked him:

How did the owners choose between them?

The agent said:

There were two things…
First, you completed the paperwork quicker (we had, with just 3 minutes to spare, using digital signatures)
Second, the owners also felt more confident because there’s a buyer’s agent helping your buyer.

So, I made it possible to find & buy a property in less time, and was also the key factor in securing it against strong competition.

Whom do you know that could use help like this?

RealTeam - Buyer Agent in Adelaide
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