Adelaide Rental Property – Challenges and Opportunities

If you're looking to buy investment property in Adelaide, the current market conditions of late 2021 present significant challenges, even to seasoned investors.

Investors can save $82 per week

Owners of income-producing properties are eligible for significant taxation benefits and yet some of the perks continue to fly under the radar.

Buying an investment property in Adelaide

With a metropolitan median house price under $500k, and rental yields as high as 5%, buying an investment property in Adelaide would have to be on your radar.

Do your homework!

Investing in student accommodation property can, at times, be a 'good' investment, but make sure you do your homework. A brief comment on Goldman Sachs new venture.

Irresistible force meets immovable object

Right now, in many areas, houses with what are now called 'large' or 'generous' land sizes, seem to be offered for sale at prices well above suburb medians.

Promotion or Journalism

The media is heavily controlled and is by no means qualified to give any investment advice. Be careful about who influences you in your property purchase decisions.

Densification, Development and Demography

A look at the current trends of the 'densification' of property and what it means to people who currently own property and for those about to buy property.

Property Market Update – Oct 2015

More houses are coming to market but demand still exceeds supply. Property investors are finding it difficult to obtain new properties with good rent yields.

Positive cash-flow in South Australia?

Positive cash-flow isn’t easy to find, but it’s possible in South Australia. Before explaining that, let me outline The Numbers on rental properties in Adelaide: Median house price in [...]

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