Adelaide Rental Property – Challenges and Opportunities

If you're looking to buy investment property in Adelaide, the current market conditions of late 2021 present significant challenges, even to seasoned investors.

Is there an “Aldi Effect”?

In some countries, property prices near Aldi supermarkets have risen significantly. As Adelaide's supermarket landscape changes, will it affect property prices?

Irresistible force meets immovable object

Right now, in many areas, houses with what are now called 'large' or 'generous' land sizes, seem to be offered for sale at prices well above suburb medians.

Out and About

I attended an auction in Norwood today… so did about 80 other people. Property is an old bluestone cottage, extensively renovated, and extended, to turn it into a stylish home for ...

Property Market Update – Oct 2015

More houses are coming to market but demand still exceeds supply. Property investors are finding it difficult to obtain new properties with good rent yields.

Home Buying Trends – What We Want in a Home!

Trends and attitudes among people in the same generational phase are very similar in most English-speaking countries. Here's the 2015 report on home buying trends for young and old.

Things that keep property investors awake at night, and what to do about them; 4

What should I do about the mortgage? The answer depends on your investment strategy and plans, and also on your stage in life. Australia as a nation, has some of the highest priced property in [...]

Things that keep property investors awake at night, and what to do about them; 3

Will we have another recession? Almost certainly! The world economic & monetary system virtually guarantees it. I think that here in Australia, we may be in the early stages of a 10-15-year [...]

How to get the best price for your property – 4

If you’ve been following this short series, you’ll have read about how to price your property, and how to market it so that the maximum number of buyers: Find it online, and Are [...]

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