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Property Counselling is a valuable service for people who want to make considered, strategic decisions about the property they buy and sell.

A property decision never happens in isolation, it’s always in a larger context. Depending on the situation, the larger context might be business or personal.

Property & Business

At a business level, the objectives of the business, succession plans, taxation issues, and other factors usually frame property decisions.

Property & Lifestyle

At a personal level the context includes individual, family, household factors or influences like personal goals, career plans, retirement and inheritance. These combine with neighbourhood, property style preferences, commuting, education, recreation and many other factors which influence your decision.

Providing Clarity

As a buyer agent, RealTeam can help bring clarity to what often seems like a confusing jumble of priorities and expectations which can be difficult to sort through.

As a real estate agent, RealTeam’s input is limited to property-related factors. We cannot give legal, tax or financial advice; we can however interact with your advisors in those fields. 

Fee & Getting Started

We provide a complimentary initial appointment. If it looks as though we may be able to help, detailed property counselling is then available at our hourly rate of $220. To find out if this service is right for you, please contact us for more details.

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How Can We Help You Buy Property?

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