Buying an investment property in Adelaide

So, you’re ready to buy an investment property in Adelaide?

You’ve reviewed your property investment plan, considered the available resources, and scanned market opportunities.

The timing is right, funds are available, to cover  deposit and settlement costs, and your peace-of-mind fund, to cover unexpected situations like vacancies, unscheduled repairs & maintenance, is “comfortable”.

If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, you may be among those who agree that rental property is pretty high-priced around where you live, so you’ve decided to look elsewhere…

Property Investment Adelaide - house for rent

As many other clients have found, Adelaide has the lowest median house prices of any Australian mainland capital. With a metropolitan median house price under $500k, and rental yields as high as 5%, it’d have to be on your radar.

If this sounds like you, but you’re not familiar with Adelaide, we may be able to help.

RealTeam has been helping investors buy Adelaide rental property since 2003. So we can help you through the maze of Adelaide’s very small suburbs, provide in-depth research on specific investment properties, negotiate the best possible deal and purchase price, and assist with screening and engaging the most suitable rental manager for your investment property.

Over coming days, we’ll take a look at the whole property investment process, from the dream, to planning, to research, to targeting and acquiring suitable investment property.

Buying Adelaide investment property may enable you to build your portfolio faster, and also diversify – something investment advisers recommend.

RealTeam - Buyer Agent in Adelaide
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