Finding you the best Adelaide property for investment

After we have ascertained what you want from your investment property, we can then begin to find the most suitable one for you.

We specialise in sourcing strong cash flow and sometimes, even positive cash flow property investments, which pay for themselves in a timely manner, even putting extra cash into your pocket each month.

Everyone has different desires and expectations, so this is best discussed in person with your RealTeam consultant.

Sub Division Investment Property

Helping you calculate your return on investment

When investing in property, it’s important to know how much your return on investment will be.

That’s why, as your buyers agent, we make you fully aware of all known costs associated with each potential investment property, and help you work out the most accurate estimate possible for your return on investment.

After the sale is complete, we will also ensure that your new rental property has a viable, arms-length tenant under lease.

RealTeam’s Five Investor Principles

1. The starting point in the Agency relationship is the Client’s property investment plan

  1. Acquiring property is not the ‘end-game’. Rather, investment property is a vehicle to help carry our Client toward fulfilment of their goals, dreams and aspirations.
  2. Clients who trust us to work with them on this important project expect us to help them develop and implement property strategies, and to work with them toward their objectives.
  3. If our decades of experience in the property sector have taught us anything, it is that “it’s not really about property – it’s actually about people; people with hopes and fears, strengths and weaknesses, plans and (sometimes mistaken) expectations“.

2. The basic and prime character of the Client-Agency relationship is Trust

  1. We honour that trust by truthfully giving our Client as much relevant information as possible, to enable informed decision-making.
  2. We strive to build and maintain that trust by putting our Client’s interest first as we work tirelessly to source and acquire the property that most completely meets our Client’s specification and expectations.
  3. We expect to maintain that commitment into the future: guarding against fallibility and lessons learned, always with a relentless dedication to the long-standing principles we believe will benefit our clients the most.

3. Our role and responsibility as Agent, is to carry out our Client’s instructions

  1. Currency is not Money and Money is not Wealth. It is the mechanism we use to measure and exchange wealth. The ultimate purpose of property investment is to deliver a particular quantity or stream of money toward whatever the Client wants to have, do or enjoy.
  2. As an agent, we don’t believe Clients should put all their money into property alone. We acknowledge the wisdom of including a variety of assets (stocks, bonds, cash, managed funds, etc.), as well as real property, in a balanced investment portfolio.
  3. Where appropriate, we keep our Client’s other professional advisors (financial planner, accountant, tax advisor, estate planner, etc.) informed of the Client’s property acquisitions.

4. Property prices do not always rise, or rise consistently

  1. So it’s important for our Client to be able to enjoy a strong, reliable income stream, and to have scope to add value to their investment.
  2. Value and price are not the same. Property price rises, treated in Australia as ‘capital gains’ need to exceed real inflation to deliver meaningful benefit to the Client.
  3. Property is not fungible1. Each piece of real estate is unique, because it reflects its history, and its owner’s care and interest. It’s possible, even commonplace, for a property to rise or fall in value (price) while other similar (but never identical) surrounding properties remain static, or move in the opposite direction.

1 replaceable by another identical item

5. The investment adage that “past performance is not a predictor of future results” certainly applies to real property. You should meet claims of future price or rent gains with healthy doubt, and even suspicion.

  1. Our answer to the question: “How will this property perform in terms of capital gains?” has to be: “We don’t know, and neither does anyone else“. And our response to the follow-up question: “But what’s your best guess?” is: “We don’t operate on guesswork“.
  2. No property is perfect. Each property is unique, and has characteristics, hidden and unhidden, that will affect its future condition and performance. No amount of inspection and investigation can eliminate possible future unknowns.
  3. That being said, we strive to provide our clients with as much relevant and current data and information as possible, to enable informed decision-making. Some of that information often includes data and commentary which the client may interpret as indicators of future potential.

Client Feedback

  • Michael has an easy, effective process, he communicates often, patiently, and very clearly. He has done everything we discussed and much more for the quoted fixed-price cost.

    Michael's integrity and genuine personality has allowed me to build total trust in his knowledge, skills, experience, and network connections. Michael has made buying interstate property fun, simple, and much easier than buying close to home!

    Michael called upon his long-term web of industry contacts, performed web searches, visited open houses, and researched non-stop until he found me a fantastic property. The property exceeded my expectations, and was within budget, he then arranged a huge renovation down to the very last detail.

    He introduced me to Samantha, a managing agent of the highest skill and care, which he knows from his years of collaboration, which then led to securing high quality tenants who love their new home.

    All this and I haven't felt the need to visit the property! Michael teamed up with Samantha, the managing agent, to perform every part of the renovation process on my behalf, including quotes, schedules, material purchasing, dealing with tradespeople, ideas and options, budgeting help, and advice on State Legislation. Michael is honestly doing the best work he knows how, and just because it's who he is. And His best work is spectacular.

    Joseph A.