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This is the full Search and Buy service where we source, search, screen, select, negotiate, draft contracts and carry out the settlement requirement on your behalf.

First, we consult with you to ascertain precisely the characteristics of the property you wish to acquire. Then we source and negotiate the most advantageous purchase of one or more properties meeting your criteria.

In acquiring your next home or investment property, we will:

Sourcing & Screening

  • Search the entire area under consideration, and catalogue any properties that could meet your specification.
  • Scan up to 15 internet sites daily for any suitable property becoming available.
  • Contact the agents and salespeople working in the area to advise them of details of the property we are looking for.
  • Progressively contact owners of those properties likely to fit your specifications, to ask them about selling.
  • Inspect and comprehensively photograph any properties meeting or close to your specification.
  • Report to you regularly on:
    • Our progress
    • Market activity
    • Properties we have sourced and screened against your specification
  • Gather complete information on any suitable property, enabling you to make a properly informed choice, whether to proceed with a purchase.


  • Negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf and to your advantage.
  • Liaise with the seller or their agent to ensure the property is properly represented, any known faults and problems disclosed, and all inclusions stay with the property.
  • Ensure the contract of sale protects your interests and accurately reflects your intended terms and conditions.

Administration & Settlement

  • Examine the Form 1 disclosure documentation with you, to explain its content, and ensure there are no hidden problems that could make the property an unsuitable choice for you.
  • Arrange building & pest inspections, and other appropriate services you may require.
  • Appoint and liaise with a conveyancer on your behalf to ensure your interests are properly protected and a timely settlement is achieved. If you already have a conveyancer, just let us know who it is, and we will use them. If not, we work with several reliable conveyancers, and we will select one of them for you.
  • Maintain contact with your lender & conveyancer throughout the process to settlement.
  • Ensure the seller complies with the contract terms and conditions.
  • If the seller of the property you select has to buy another property, this may take additional time. We will ensure this matter is dealt with as expeditiously as possible, but we will not represent the seller in any way.
  • At settlement, collect the property keys from the seller or their agent, and deliver them to you.
  • On the first anniversary of your purchase, conduct a complimentary Market Appraisal of the property.


This process can take as little as a few days or up to 2-3 months to source the ‘right property’. We may find ‘just what you are looking for’ very quickly. But experience tells us that to promise a fast time is likely to result in stress, frustration and disappointment.


For the full Search and Buy service our professional fee is between 1.5% – 2.0% of the purchase price. The dollar amount of the fee is fixed at the outset, regardless of the actual price paid for the property. This enables us to negotiate the contract price as low as possible with no conflict of interest.

Current market conditions mean that “saving you more than the fee” is exceedingly difficult. Agents & owners are typically overwhelmed with multiple offers within a few days (or even hours) of the release of the property to the market. So in many cases, “the win” is more in acquiring a property at a price that fits your budget. 

In almost all cases, we are able to negotiate a purchase price that saves our clients far more than our fee. Please contact us for clarification on why the fee can vary.

We aim to free you up to continue with your life, free of worry & frustration about finding and acquiring that ‘just right’ property and negotiate the most advantageous, fair and satisfying purchase transaction as possible.

You’ll be able to get on with your life while the searching, screening, negotiating and legal details are all fully taken care of.

To get started, you can either fill out our initial property questionnaire or just give us a call.

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How Can We Help You Buy Property?

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