Negotiate Purchase Price & Contract Terms

One of the primary secrets of negotiating property is knowing what information to divulge to the sellers agent and what to keep up your sleeve.

Have an experienced industry professional on your side to negotiate the best possible purchase price and terms for you.

How We Help Negotiate A Property Purchase

Negotiating to buy property isn’t just about the price, there are always other factors that can attract a seller to your offer even though they may have other higher-priced offers than yours.

Discovering and understanding the seller’s needs and wants is vital to achieving a favourable negotiation for both parties. This is where the expertise of our property negotiating experience comes into play.

What’s Included

  • We’ll discuss and help you decide your price limit and essential contract terms & conditions
  • Then we’ll approach the agent or owner to negotiate on your behalf & in your interest
  • When we reach agreement, we’ll prepare the documentation, or review documents the agent prepares, and explain them to you


The Negotiate Price & Contract service can take up to several days from commencement to completion. The fee is $880. The service can be bundled with our Due Diligence service and our Follow Through service for a package price. enquire online