Significant savings on the price of the property

One of the first questions people ask is: How much will this cost me? That’s an important question.

The answer is that most clients pay between 1.5% and 2% of the price paid for the property. To find out how this works, contact us .

In almost all cases, RealTeam’s service as buyers agents more than pays for itself. The savings we achieve for our clients far outweigh our fees. In some instances, the value of our service extends beyond price saving to the securing of the property against other interested buyers.

What would it be worth to have/tap into…

An experienced, qualified expert handling the entire process on YOUR behalf

Hundreds of clients have trusted us to source and acquire property for them

In-depth knowledge & understanding of property dynamics

Ongoing research and wide-ranging reading in and around topics pertaining to property

Over three decades of experience in Property & Real Estate

Property experience in California and SA, including Residential, C&I, Subdivision & Development, Valuation

Low to no stress throughout the property acquisition process

Clients report enjoying the low stress level of delegating the search and acquire process to an experienced property expert working for them

Negotiating skills and familiarity with pricing strategies & regulations

Continuous professional development keeps me abreast of constantly changing regulations, and agents’ responses. Frequent transactions ensure our negotiations skills are at the cutting edge.

Your own fiduciary, answering your questions, relieving your uncertainties, protecting your information , relentlessly searching for the ‘right’ property for you

Fiduciary: a person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another. Treating your affairs as if they were my own.

Access to my extensive network of agents throughout Adelaide metropolitan area

14 years’ worth of respectful interaction with many agents means I’m frequently informed of off-market and upcoming properties, which can enable a pre-market transaction for my client.

Confidence that you’re paying minimal price for the property in the current market

Part of my fiduciary responsibility is to negotiate the most advantageous property ‘deal’ possible. This means the lowest possible price, balanced with the most advantageous terms & conditions for my client.

Getting an otherwise ‘impossible’ property

From time to time, clients affirm that they would not have been able to buy the property without my intervention and help.

Huge saving of your time

Weeks, even months of often fruitless open inspections, uncomfortable interaction with agents and disappointing outcomes from offers on property will not only consume your precious time, but may also disillusion you about the whole process. We’ll take all this over and handle it on your behalf.

Not having to chase open inspections, interact with agents etc

While you’re getting on with your life, I’ll screen, assess, evaluate and eliminate dozens, even hundreds of properties for you, so that the handful which you see have been rigorously curated to your standards and expectations.

Not experiencing the disappointment of the property not matching the online photos

The only properties you will inspect will have already been carefully assessed against your requirements.

Five level property selection process

The only properties you will inspect will have already been carefully assessed against your requirements.

Property inspection & analysis through our exclusive, rigorous inspection protocol

Ask to see our Property Examination Book which details the inspection process we put each potential property through.

Freedom to get on with your life, throughout the search & acquisition process

The sale and purchase of Real Estate is no longer simple. It’s become a complex, highly regulated process, unfamiliar to most people. Those who DIY risk not getting the most advantageous outcomes. Better for most, to delegate the process to an expert, and use the time in more productive, satisfying ways.

Fully-informed and in charge throughout the process

It’s your life, and your money. So we will ensure that at all times you’re kept informed, and in charge of the overall process. We will manage and coordinate the entire process right through to handing over the keys to your new property.

Regular search updates and reviews

Bi-weekly or even weekly review meetings keep you informed and us accountable, as the search progresses.

Property that enables and facilitates your flourishing life

No property is perfect. But we’re committed to us sourcing and acquiring the most appropriate property to meet your requirements, serve you plans, and release you to enjoy life.

Ongoing access to our panel of curated service providers and tradespeople

Over 14 years, I’ve assembled an array of trades and other service-providers whose priorities are:

  1. The client
  2. The quality of the job or product
  3. The money