Significant savings on the price of the property

One of the first questions people ask is: How much will this cost me? That’s an important question.

The answer is that most clients pay between 1.5% and 2% of the price paid for the property. To find out how this works, contact us .

As the chart below shows, in almost all cases, RealTeam’s service as buyers agents more than pays for itself. The savings we achieve for our clients far outweigh our fees. Some typical examples of buying Adelaide property are as follows;

LocationAsking PringNegotiated PriceSavings% Savings
Adelaide Hills$519,000$465,000$54,00010%
Adelaide Hills$730,000$672,000$58,0007.9%
NorthWest Suburb$387,500$370,000$17,5004.5%
Northern Suburb$195,000$180,000$15,0007.7%
Southern Suburb$450,000$408,000$42,0009.3%
Southern Suburb$425,000$395,000$30,0007.1%
Western Suburb$300,000$275,000$25,0008.3%
South Coast$450,000$376,000$74,00016.4%
Regional Victoria$395,000$350,000$45,00011.4%
Western Suburb$520,000$473,000$47,0009.0%
Western Suburb$500,000$467,000$33,0006.6%
Eastern Suburb$380,000$345,000$35,0009.2%
Northern Suburb$213,000$187,500$25,50012.0%
Inner Northeastern Suburb$625,000$590,700$34,3005.5%
Northeastern Suburb$260,000$238,000$22,0008.5%
Western Beach Suburb$380,000$350,000$30,0007.9%
Inner Western Suburb$380,000$350,000$30,0007.9%
Adelaide CBD$485,000$422,000$63,00013.0%
Adelaide Hills$545,000$465,000$80,00014.7%

Please note: Sometimes the best price is the asking price for a property, in which case the value of our service is in the securing of the property against other interested buyers.