The Key to Getting the Property

...afterwards, the selling agent said "we had two identical offers, the owners felt more confident because there’s a buyer’s agent helping your buyer"

Land Ownership

Realtors® should recognize that the interests of the nation & its citizens require the best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership.

Electronic Transactions and Real Estate with templates, digital signatures and electronic conveyancing it's possible to initiate & manage property purchase without needing a single piece of paper.

Professional Development Trip 2016

Mixing with thought-leaders, connecting with some clients and delivering a presentation at a major conference in Orlando.

No buyers agent client is a statistic

A recent survey among clients of buyers agents produced answers that may help others decide whether or not to use a buyers agent to buy property.

Promotion or Journalism

The media is heavily controlled and is by no means qualified to give any investment advice. Be careful about who influences you in your property purchase decisions.

International Recognition as Buyers Representative

Michael, a long-standing member of the REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE of SA, joins more than 29,000 real estate professionals in North America and Internationally, who have earned the ABR designation

Positive cash-flow in South Australia?

Positive cash-flow isn’t easy to find, but it’s possible in South Australia. Before explaining that, let me outline The Numbers on rental properties in Adelaide: Median house price in [...]

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