Tree change for affordability

No buyers agent client is a statistic

A recent survey among clients of buyers agents produced answers that may help others decide whether or not to use a buyers agent to buy property.

Densification, Development and Demography

A look at the current trends of the 'densification' of property and what it means to people who currently own property and for those about to buy property.

Home Buying Trends – What We Want in a Home!

Trends and attitudes among people in the same generational phase are very similar in most English-speaking countries. Here's the 2015 report on home buying trends for young and old.

How to get the best price for your property – 3

If you’ve been following this short series about property pricing, you’ve read about properties that stay too long unsold on the market, and about how to make certain the unsold [...]

How to get the best price for your property – 1

As buyers agents, we often see houses that have been on the market for a long time – sometimes several months In many cases, even though the asking price for these properties has been [...]

A Very Important Graph

Once again, we’ve run across interesting info from a well-informed source… The following graph, and commentary are highly relevant to the Australian property sector, even though many [...]

Reason 14 – Property portfolio reviews

People who own investment property often require a review of their portfolio at tax and insurance purposes. We offer a specific service to meet this need.

Reason 13 – Property value updates

On request, we provide a free appraisal of the property on the first anniversary of your purchase. That way, if you want, you can stay up to date with the value of your property.

Reason 12 – Accurate property data

Property data and counsel Every client we serve receives complimentary access to property data and counsel concerning any property of interest to them in South Australia for twelve months from [...]

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