Out and About

I attended an auction in Norwood today… so did about 80 other people. Property is an old bluestone cottage, extensively renovated, and extended, to turn it into a stylish home for ...

Kodo Apartments

Overlooking Victoria Square, Adelaide and 30 story's high, the Kodo apartment complex with high quality finishes is aimed at owner-occupiers.

Reason 12 – Accurate property data

Property data and counsel Every client we serve receives complimentary access to property data and counsel concerning any property of interest to them in South Australia for twelve months from [...]

Property Maintenance & DIY Safety

Ladders – handy but dangerous: Some years ago now, a neighbour of ours had a ladder collapse under him while he was maintaining the gutters on his property.. He broke his feet, and spent [...]

Adelaide’s Clipsal 500

The world is full of many great debates that stir up the collective blood of nations. Australia is no exception. To be considered a true ‘dinky-di’ Aussie (particularly if you are male), it is [...]

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