Professional Development Trip 2016

This Friday, I will fly to to the United States for my annual professional development trip. I’ll spend about two weeks mixing with thought-leaders, connecting with some clients, delivering a presentation at a major conference, and catching up with my Finance Administrator who is located in Idaho and also manages our clients’ rental properties there.

Meetings are scheduled with a range of property experts at various levels, exchanging ideas, and – hopefully – gaining greater insight into how to provide the range and level of services that best support personal freedom and flourishing for RealTeam’s clients.

I’ll use the meetings to test and re-examine my own ideas, and evaluate what works and what should be discarded, in making the whole process of property acquisition as efficient, effective and ‘smooth’ as possible for clients, going forward.

I expect to be able to interact with other experts and thought-leaders about the implications for property in light of the global economic slowdown, and the demographic shift toward Boomers and Millennials together forming the largest proportion of population and homeowners. Other topics include the densification of our suburbs; politics and taxation; housing affordability; the widening purchasing-power gap between the high and low ends of our society; issues around energy and water; the still-emerging ‘sharing economy’ (e.g. Uber and AirBNB among others); and the emergence of high-end ‘experiential’ goods and services.

I’ll send some notes from time to time, to the RealTeam Property Group Facebook page, and to my Twitter page. I’ve planned this trip to be intellectually enlightening and personally invigorating. As always, I’m grateful for this opportunity. I love my family, I love property and I love seeking out that ‘just-right’ home or investment for my clients. So discussing real estate with the best property experts and practitioners in the world is a great privilege.

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