Electronic document signing

This year, the real estate sector is moving to electronic documents, and digital signing.

It’s been talked about for a long time, and much work has been done to ensure security and privacy.

Now, legislation has also caught up with these important changes. It’s now legal for property sale contracts and supporting documents to be transmitted, and signed digitally. This is much more efficient, and much more secure than emailing large files back and forth to be printed, signed, scanned and returned by all parties.

In some cases there are as many as 14 ‘steps’ in this process, and the repeatedly scanned and emailed documents can become difficult to read.

buy property with digital signature

Realteam now facilitates electronic signing for property purchases

In the interest of safety, security and efficiency for our clients, RealTeam now subscribes to Docusign, a leading cloud-based service which meets or exceeds international security standards – take a look here: https://trust.docusign.com/en-us/trust-certifications/

Of course, I’ll still be happy to facilitate personal signing of physical documents, in those situations where it’s practical, and preferred by clients.

But for many, especially offshore and interstate clients, this new facility will be a great advantage, saving time, without compromising confidentiality or security.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or you’d just like to know more.

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