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Will we have another recession?

Almost certainly! The world economic & monetary system virtually guarantees it.

I think that here in Australia, we may be in the early stages of a 10-15-year growth in property prices. But I doubt we’ll see strong & rapid growth until we’ve gone through several years of lesser price increases.

Historically, Adelaide has had a more stable property sector, with very few extreme variations in prices. This is likely to continue, so now is perhaps a very good time to buy property in Adelaide, and – as noted earlier in this series – take appropriate steps to value-add, making the property more attractive, either to tenants, or to the next owner when the time comes to sell.

That way, the property will move ahead of its neighbours in terms of price appreciation, and it will also be more resilient in difficult times.

Australian Housing Price Graph - RBA

* graph owner: Reserve Bank of Australia

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