Promotion or Journalism

The media is heavily controlled and is by no means qualified to give any investment advice. Be careful about who influences you in your property purchase decisions.

Reason 12 – Accurate property data

Property data and counsel Every client we serve receives complimentary access to property data and counsel concerning any property of interest to them in South Australia for twelve months from [...]

Property Insurance Pitfalls

Just recently, two of our clients have had negative experiences with the Landlord insurance on their rental properties. In each case, the property was damaged; one by the tenant; the other [...]

End-of-financial-year thoughts

June 30th is just a few days away! Depending on your investment property assets, several thoughts come to mind: If any part of your rental property is more recent than 1986, you may be able to [...]

Guiding Principle for Investors

Don’t follow the herd. A client recently asked: “I’ve heard this suburb is the next big investment opportunity; do you think I should invest there?” Before answering (or [...]

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