Finding the right property

House-hunting can be a long drawn-out, time-consuming process. Some people get to the point where they end up buying a place on the basis of: “this has the number of rooms, garden and vehicle spaces we need and it’s not too bad, so we’ll take it.” Doing it that way almost certainly means not buying well, in terms of your current needs and probably future expectations too.

We recently met a family who’ve decided after 4 years, that the home they have isn’t what they really wanted, so they’re going to move. With high property transaction costs, and Adelaide’s ‘flat’ market over that period, the move (actually the choice they made 4 years ago) may be about to cost them money.

We do house-hunting professionally!

In November, we evaluated almost 400 properties, against client specifications.

45 made it through to the second level of our 4-tier screening process. Of those, nine survived our rigorous pre-client investigation, and two were introduced to clients.

One of those we missed at auction, because the bidding went beyond our client’s pre-agreed limit. The other we bought, saving those clients about 10% of the asking price.

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