Adelaide Climate

Adelaide’s climate can be classified as Mediterranean. It has hot dry summers and mild winters.

Summer in Australia is from December to February. The average temperature for the summer  months in Adelaide is  29 degrees Celsius, but this can vary a lot. Most summers will see one or two heatwaves where the temperature is extreme and stays over 35 degrees for a week and sometimes longer. Days over 40 degrees are not uncommon during summer. Adelaide has very little rain during summer, so although it can get very hot it’s not usually humid. There are about 14 hours of sunshine a day during summer, so that leaves plenty of time for a trip to the beach after work.

Adelaide’s winters are quite mild. The winter months are June, July and August and the average minimum temperature for these months is 8 degrees.  June is generally the wettest month with an average of 80mm of rain.  Snow is very rare in Adelaide but has been known to happen around Mount Lofty.

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