How to get the best price for your property – 3

If you’ve been following this short series about property pricing, you’ve read about properties that stay too long unsold on the market, and about how to make certain the unsold property attracts more buyers.

Today, I want to tell you about a way to attract the most buyers, and still avoid selling too cheap, or having the property languish on the market for (sometimes) months.

Most property owners find what I’m about to suggest quite scary, because it’s it goes against the conventional wisdom of thinking: “ask a high price because you can always come down, but you can’t go up.”

My suggestion is to price the property from the beginning, at a slightly lower price than you think it’s worth. And be sure that price is also just below a $50,000 or $100,000 increment – $449,000, $698,000 etc. This will mean the property shows up in searches ‘up-to’ the $450k or $700k mark in the above examples. Your house will look better than most of the others in the online search, so it will attract most of the buyers…

See tomorrow’s post for the final step!

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