No buyers agent client is a statistic

Everyone who buys a house has a different story, but there are some common threads about their needs and wants

People who engage a buyers agent are generally careful, thoughtful and deliberate in the way they go about the – for most – very large transaction of buying a piece of property. Perhaps more so than many consumers of standard real estate services.

survey of buyers agent clients

A recent survey among clients of buyers agents produced answers that may or may not apply across the board. Nevertheless, some may find these stats interesting…

Buyers agent clients reported benefits like:

Helped them narrow their search 15%
Helped them expand their search 21%
Provided useful lender info 21%
Shortened the search time 29%
Negotiated a better price 34%
Better list of service-providers 43%
Better contract terms and conditions 44%
Better knowledge of the search area 44%
Pointed out unnoticed property defects 53%
Helped them understand the process 59%

In the matter of client satisfaction, responses included:

Honesty and integrity 87%
Knowledge and expertise 87%
Market knowledge 86%
People skills 84%
Responsiveness 83%
Communication skills 82%
Local area knowledge 82%
Technology skills 77%
Negotiation skills 73%

Buyer Agents who specialise in working only with buyers, were valued more by respondents because:

  • There’s no agency conflict because the buyer’s agent never represents the seller, or the seller’s agent;
  • For similar reasons, there’s no confusion about representation;
  • They have specialised training and expertise, and a clear focus on the buyer’s best interests.
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