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Don’t follow the herd.

A client recently asked:

“I’ve heard this suburb is the next big investment opportunity; do you think I should invest there?”

Before answering (or even asking) such a question, there are other questions to consider:

  • property-investment-dont-follow-the-herd-bigWho is making the claim?
  • Do they have a vested interest in rising prices?
  • What research or evidence is the basis for the claim?

And so on…

Our guiding principle on Property Investment is to treat it as a business, not a ‘hobby’ (something you love to do that costs you money).

      • You need a plan before you invest.
      • Then select property that fits your plan, regardless of whether its located in a ‘hotspot.’

At RealTeam, we work with clients to develop and implement property investment plans that fit their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

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