Case Study: Timing and Patience

The Perfect Time to Buy Property

We canvassed a very specific neighbourhood for a client…

…and found several owners willing to sell their unlisted property – all for the same price! It was as if they’d had a neighbours’ meeting & agreed that $1.5 million was a fair price for the locality.

My client (and I) didn’t agree, so we waited.

And waited. . .

Several months later, one of the owners phoned me and asked if my client might still be interested. I asked why he wanted to know, to which he replied that he was now ready to sell, but wanted to avoid the high profile that listing the property with an agent would create.

My client was about to leave Adelaide for a time, so we quickly arranged a meeting, and drafted a contract for a lower price than my client’s maximum budget. I took it to the property owner.

He rejected this (sub-one million) offer, but said he would accept just over one million.

I made the price-change, and asked him to initial it. Then I had him sign the contract, knowing this new figure was within my client’s budget.

I took the contract to my client for him to initial the price change, then confirmed to the owner that his property was now sold, subject to Cooling-Off provisions etc.


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