Council Services & Facilities

If you’re thinking of moving to Adelaide one of the things you should put on your to-do list is to check out what council services are on offer.

All councils have at least one public library. Public libraries are free to join and are for much more than just borrowing books. Libraries provide computers for public use with free internet access and can provide printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing services. Each library will be different in the exact services they offer but most will have school holiday programs, book discussion groups, English classes, basic computing classes and children’s story time. Libraries are also a good place to keep an eye out for community services and events.

Many local councils have sporting facilities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts and skate parks. Some of these, such as swimming pools will require a fee and game courts might need to be booked in advance. Skate parks are free to use, as are playgrounds, parks and reserves.

Councils are responsible for weekly rubbish collection. You’ll need to have the right coloured bins and know when rubbish is collected and your council can help you with this. Household rubbish is collected once a week, recyclables fortnightly and garden waste one a month. Which day rubbish collection is made is different depending on where you live.

If you’re a pet lover and you’re bringing pets with you, or looking to get pets in the future, then you’ll also want to check in with your council. There might be limit to the number of cats or dogs you’re allowed to have and dogs will need to be registered.

Each council has its own website (check for a complete listing) so you can check out what facilities and services are in different areas.

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