Employment in Adelaide

The main employment industry in Adelaide has traditionally been manufacturing, but this has recently been overtaken by the health care and social assistance sector. Retail is now the second and manufacturing remains the third largest industry. Other major employment industries in Adelaide are construction, education and public administration. One of Adelaide’s unique industries is the wine industry… 65% of all Australian wine comes from South Australia.

The unemployment rate in Adelaide, calculated at October 2011 is 5.5% (ref: Labour Market Data). Adelaide has a higher unemployment rate compared to Australian other capital cities, but still only varies by 1% from the lowest rate in the country. As with all cities there are trends which show that different areas across the city have varying unemployment rates. The area with the lowest unemployment is Eastern Adelaide, followed by Southern and Western Adelaide.

Wages in Adelaide tend to be slightly lower than the national average, however this is offset by the lower cost of living.

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