Please Identify Yourself!

This request will be made of the buyer, by the conveyancer in every property sale & purchase in South Australia

And by the sound of things, flashing a current Driver’s Licence won’t cut it. According to Alf Macolino at Lynch Meyer Lawyers, the conveyancer will have to…

verify the identity of the person signing the documents in a face to face and in person interview [with] the person signing the document

changes to buyer identity when buying property in South Australia

This means that a verifier will not be able to conduct verification over electronic means such as Skype or face-to-face on your iPhone.

The person signing the document will need at least a current original Passport plus Australian Drivers Licence or Proof-of-Age Card, plus a Change of Name or Marriage Certificate if necessary.

So if you’re buying Adelaide or South Australian property, you can expect higher conveyancing charges, and delays before you own the property.

  • If you are located interstate within Australia, you will probably have to find a conveyancing solicitor near home, to conduct the ‘verification’ of your identity.
  • If you live outside Australia, the process will be more complex.

To find out more, or to download a PDF copy of the new South Australian Verification of Identity policy, go to:

Verification of Identity Policy for Conveyancing

and click on ‘Verification of Identity Policy’.

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