Case Study: Zero Stress in Finding Property

Focus On What You Do Best – We’ll Find the Property

A growing national specialised training company was referred to us to source and acquire a building for a training centre.

They had some very specific criteria in terms of the building itself, its location, airport access, and a unique combination of other requirements.

They’d had little success in dealing with commercial agents and were almost at the point of buying a property which they knew was at best a compromise.

Based on their specification, we conducted research and narrowed the search parameters to one of two localities.

We were able to short-list some properties, which weren’t quite ‘right.’ This enabled us to fine-tune the search criteria and score a bulls-eye.

A brand new building was nearing completion in one of our search areas. We negotiated a contract to settle upon completion, and the company moved in in due course.

Their business’s new home was acquired well within their budget, and has been adapted to their very specific requirements.

Through all this, the company principal continued to focus on running the business, secure in the knowledge that we were ‘on the case.’ He received frequent updates etc., as the process moved forward.

A major benefit to the company principal was removal of the stress of finding a property, and the process of acquisition. It was all done for him, while he remained fully informed and fully in control.

A great result for all concerned!

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