Self Managed Super Fund Market Value Appraisal

If you own rental property inside your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, you may already know that your fund’s auditor needs updated assessments of the value of the fund’s portfolio every two or three years.

As a fund trustee, you can actually do this yourself. But understandably, many auditors are more comfortable with a more independent assessment of the property’s value.

Some of our clients have asked us to provide market value assessments of their SMSF properties for this purpose, so we’ve developed an appropriate format. It’s:

  • Independent & objective – we hold no interest of any kind, in the property,
  • More comprehensive than a typical appraisal from a local agent (usually geared toward listing the property for sale),
  • Includes a summary of the methodology used to arrive at the market value,
  • Much less costly than a valuation from a licensed valuer.

If your accountant or tax advisor is asking you for updated values of your fund’s rental assets, contact us to find out more about this exclusive service.