Property Research and Consultation

People who move to Adelaide from interstate or overseas quite often look for some guidance to find an area or property that suits their existing and future needs.

They may lead busy professional lives and don’t have the time or inclination to spend their evenings and weekends researching different properties and areas, analysing factors like the quality of the schools, commuting times, recreation and lifestyle amenities, property zoning, etc.

As buyers agents, we can provide valuable help in gathering, assembling and prioritising all of the relevant information.

Relevant Info & Guidance

We won’t try to tell you where to buy. Instead, we’ll ensure that you have all the relevant information, based on your needs, concerns and wants so that you can make your own decision with confidence and clarity.

Personalised Research

Often this involves researching a particular property and/or location you nominate, and providing you with current data relating to the location or investment aspects, and other matters relating to your specific property requirements.

Additional Services

As real estate agents we do not provide formal valuations or financial advice. If required, we can arrange these services for you.

Fee & Getting Started

We provide a complimentary initial appointment. If it looks as though we may be able to help, detailed property research and counselling is then available at our hourly rate of $165/hour. To find out if this service is right for you, please contact us for more details.