Negotiation, Contract Preparation and Administration

Found a property you want to buy, but prefer not to approach the agent? Or maybe, you’ve found a house that’s not on the market and you’re unsure how to proceed with trying to buy it?

In cases like this, we’ll…

  • help you source and inspect comparable properties in the area to ensure good value for money and that all your needs are met
  • approach the agent or owner
  • prepare the documentation
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • manage and administer the entire contract process including valuation, building inspections, finance, contract variations, conveyancing and settlement.
We'll do everything from the property purchase negotiation through to settlement of property


Our fee for this service is around 1% of the asking price of the property. For interstate & overseas clients who have sourced a property, we can combine our Consultation service, with this service at no additional charge.

Our aim is to ensure that the property is right for you, make sure there are no hidden surprises and negotiate the most advantageous, fair and satisfying purchase transaction as possible.

You’ll be able to get on with your life while we do all the negotiating, paperwork, inspections and oversee that the legal details are all fully taken care of.

To get started, there’s no need to fill out our initial property questionaire, just give us a call.