The Key to Getting the Property

...afterwards, the selling agent said "we had two identical offers, the owners felt more confident because there’s a buyer’s agent helping your buyer"

Case Study: First Rental Investment

Finding the right investment property is important to suit the individual needs and goals of the investor.

Case Study: High-yield rental

We saved much more than our fee off the asking price for this excellent high yield investment property.

Case Study: Not the highest offer

Not only did we get a great price but our buyer client was very grateful to have the stress removed from the buying process.

Case Study: We Never Quit

Finding the 'right' rental property for your needs and goals is essential for a 'good investment', even if it takes 26 months.

Case Study: Avoiding Stress

A focused and busy professional asked us to help as she had limited time and was unable to find a house that fitted her requirements.

Case Study: Uncanny Timing

Case Study: Zero Stress in Finding Property

Focus On What You Do Best – We’ll Find the Property A growing national specialised training company was referred to us to source and acquire a building for a training centre. They had [...]

Case Study: Timing and Patience

The Perfect Time to Buy Property We canvassed a very specific neighbourhood for a client… …and found several owners willing to sell their unlisted property – all for the same [...]

Case Study: We want this house

Negotiating a good price and terms when purchasing property requires careful tact and a strong stance.

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