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There’s been a lot of comment and discussion lately about buying rental property in the USA. It seems as if everyone who talks about it online has their own ‘deal’ to offer, and tries to trash all other alternatives.

As someone who lived and worked in the USA for a number of years, in property and related sectors, my observation is that the rules for property investment are the same anywhere:

1. First, carefully consider whether property should be part of your investment portfolio. A financial planner or investment adviser is the best person to consult, if you are unsure.

2. Once you have decided to include real estate in your investment plans, you need a clear plan, and you need to consider any property in light of your plan.

3. You also should think about your ‘comfort-zone’. Some investors want to invest in properties close to home, so they can keep an eye on them; others don’t care whether they ever even see the properties they own. And many investors operate between these two extremes.

4. Once you have sorted out your comfort-zone, you then need to apply a rental property specification checklist to any property you might consider buying. Contact and ask for a sample rental property checklist

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  • Melanie Amateur

    Pandora’s box.

    • admin

      Well yes. It could be quite scary. First of all, it’s in America – that’s scary enough for most people to back away. But my observation is that successful people end up doing things that average people can’t or won’t do; they do their homework first, assess the risks and make informed choices and decisions. Then they move forward.

      We have undertaken extensive due diligence on the “Aussies-buying-American-rental-property” market, and concluded that there ought to be a transparent, well-structured and carefully managed process that covers all property aspects, from sourcing suitable property, to rental and employment demand through to ensuring the acquired property is leased to a viable tenant.

      We have reliable, skilled associates in the USA. We already specialise in representing buyer clients in Australia, so we know how to ensure Australian investors’ needs are fully met. One investor actually visited our currently preferred location, and returned to Australia greatly impressed that all her questions were fully answered, and that everything she had been told was exactly what she discovered ‘onsite’.

      Contact us if you’d like more info.

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