The search for the perfect house

The brief, although much more comprehensive than this, was to find a home in a particular seaside location, with…

  • ocean views,
  • indoor and outdoor space to entertain and to enjoy the view,
  • 4-plus bedrooms,
  • a workshop,
  • modern yet traditional style,
  • and close to beach access, local shopping and other amenities.

Ohh! and like everyone, the client also had budgetary and time constraints.

Certainly not an easy find, but not impossible.

The initial evaluation of properties currently listed for sale came up a with several “near-misses” but nothing that matched all the “must-have” requirements of our buyer client. So we moved on to personal contact with many of the real estate agents and other industry professionals located in the target purchase area. This resulted in locating a potential property that fit most of the requirements of our buyer, but not quite.

Our buyer was keen to start looking at potential property so we photographed the place and filled him in on all the details. It fit the budget, had sea-views, a small balcony, 4 bedrooms and was close to the shops. But it didn’t currently have a workshop area as was needed. However, there was a space in the house that might be reconfigured and fit-out as a workshop. It wouldn’t be ideal, but would work and the buyer was willing to continue to investigate.

Hesitantly, but since there weren’t any other potential property options, we then went the next step which was to get quotes from builders to renovate the said space, so our buyers know the cost if they went ahead with the purchase. After looking up several local builders, I selected 2 in particular to contact. The first phone call to the first builder revealed he was currently traveling between job sites and could have a quick look straight away. So after clearing it with current owners, we met at the property that morning.

he’d never come across a real estate agent who works like we do

He looked at the space carefully, and was able to give an estimated cost straight away. It was higher than we anticipated, but he pointed out that considerable work would need to be done to the structure if it was going to be squared and leveled correctly. He then inquired a little more about my buyer client, as he’d never come across a real estate agent who works like we do. After giving him a little bit of information about the property requirements, he remarked that it sounded a lot like his own property and that he and his wife were thinking about selling.

10 minutes later the builder and I were standing in front of his home. It had a view of the ocean, a balcony most of the way around the house, 4 bedrooms, a modern interpretation of colonial style, a workshop and was close to the shops. Half an hour later, after a more detailed inspection, I just had to ring my client to tell them about it.

It fit the specification almost perfectly, but would they love it?

After I sent them some photos of the builder’s property, my clients decided to fly to Adelaide to inspect. When they saw the house, they fell in love with it.  Back when I began working for them, they had described to me what they wanted, which this house matched very well on paper. But it presented to them in a way they hadn’t dared to imagine. It was just about perfect! So a deal was struck, timings were worked out and all parties were very happy with the outcome.

Luck? Chance? Providence? Call it what you will. This story is another example of how many of the “ideal” properties we find for people are just not currently on the market. It’s only through our network and industry knowledge that we are able to source properties that no one yet knows about.

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