The Extra Mile

In today’s metric world, “the extra 1.609km” doesn’t have quite the same ring to me…

Anyway, last week, after several emails and phone conversations, I had the pleasure of visiting a couple in Melbourne, who plan to buy a property in Adelaide shortly.

They’re looking for a home just out of town, and have a pretty clear idea of what they want. But being located in Melbourne, evaluating property is logistically impossible for them – hence they searched the internet and found REALTEAM Property Group.

To me, people are always more important than property.

I wanted to ensure I could fully understand their requirements, and also confirm that REALTEAM’s services could meet their needs. So I volunteered to go to Melbourne for the day, to talk through their entire moving & resettling plans.

Now the search begins…

Visiting a client interstate is a little unusual, even for a buyer’s agent.

But if someone’s interstate, needs REALTEAM’s help, and a face-to-face conversation is advisable I’ll take the time to do it.

RealTeam - Buyer Agent in Adelaide
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