Our 13th Anniversary year!

This July marks the thirteenth anniversary of RealTeam Property Group’s launch

Much has changed in the real estate industry at large since our beginnings in 2003, and more particularly in RealTeam’s refinement of our services and focus.

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown – though not evenly – to being a still humble, but more highly client-focused consultancy with these characteristics:

  • a ‘bespoke’ range of buyer agent services
  • catering to the property requirements of investors as well as home buyers
  • sourcing and buying property ranging from entry level first-homes, through to elite, multi-million dollar properties

realteam property group 13th anniversary

The common factor amongst our clients is that acquiring a property (or, in some cases, another property) will enable them to ‘better live their lives’.

We’ve helped our clients to buy many, many millions of dollars-worth of carefully-chosen property, scattered across Adelaide metropolitan area and regional South Australia.

During that time, we’ve been able to facilitate the interaction of property ownership and human flourishing, and a sense of ‘place’ and stability.

We look forward to continued future opportunities to serve clients and help them flourish!

RealTeam - Buyer Agent in Adelaide
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