Funding your next property

Few things are more disappointing than finding that ‘perfect’ property, then being unable to buy because the bank has ‘adjusted’ the loan amount.

Tree change for affordability

Investors can save $82 per week

Owners of income-producing properties are eligible for significant taxation benefits and yet some of the perks continue to fly under the radar.

The Key to Getting the Property

...afterwards, the selling agent said "we had two identical offers, the owners felt more confident because there’s a buyer’s agent helping your buyer"

Land Ownership

Realtors® should recognize that the interests of the nation & its citizens require the best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership.

Electronic Transactions and Real Estate with templates, digital signatures and electronic conveyancing it's possible to initiate & manage property purchase without needing a single piece of paper.

Buying an investment property in Adelaide

With a metropolitan median house price under $500k, and rental yields as high as 5%, buying an investment property in Adelaide would have to be on your radar.

Professional Development Trip 2016

Mixing with thought-leaders, connecting with some clients and delivering a presentation at a major conference in Orlando.

Is there an “Aldi Effect”?

In some countries, property prices near Aldi supermarkets have risen significantly. As Adelaide's supermarket landscape changes, will it affect property prices?