Thanksgiving – Not only an American tradition

Today (which will be our Friday), in America, is Thanksgiving day (Canada had their Thanksgiving – Jour de l’Action de grâce – back on the second Monday of October). In [...]

The international currency race-to-the-bottom

A respected investment advisor at Morgan Stanley in the US, wrote recently: The world’s major central banks, as well as emerging markets, are universally fighting currency appreciation.  Because [...]

Dubai can’t match SA

… on property taxes. The Financial Times reported recently that Dubai authorities recently doubled the Property Registration Fee from 2% to 4%, in an attempt to cool the booming property [...]

Do you do this for a living?

… the lady asked as she walked up to me after an auction today, where I was bidding on behalf of a client. “Yes I do.” I replied, as I tugged a business card from my pocket and [...]